Guernsey milk – full of A2 goodness

Milk from Guernsey cows is naturally high in Beta-Carotene, calcium and A2 protein. The milk contains 12% more protein, 33% more vitamin D, 25% more vitamin A and 15% more calcium than average milk according to the World Guernsey Cattle Federation.

All of our ice cream is made with milk and cream produced from the Guernsey herd at Briddlesford Lodge Farm so really makes the most of all these wonderful natural benefits. Beta-Carotene is well-known as an antioxidant and immunity booster with anti-aging properties. Among the numerous benefits, Beta-Carotene helps protect eye health and vision, skin disorders and aids in the formation of bones and teeth.

It has been said that A2 protein milk is better for allergies such as gut, skin rashes, hayfever and coughs. There is also a lot of research stating that those who cannot usually tolerate milk, can in fact tolerate and potentially benefit from A2 milk.

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Briddlesford Lodge Farm, the home of Minghella

Having recently announced a move from its factory in Wootton, Minghella Ice Cream is now delighted with its new home at Briddlesford Lodge Farm. Located just over a mile from the old site, Briddlesford is famous for its herd of 140 award-winning Guernsey cows, whose milk and cream has been used to create Minghella ice cream for decades.

“I think this could be called a perfect marriage between two businesses that share a commitment to quality local food. Our ice cream production depends on being able to source a consistent supply of the finest quality Isle of Wight milk and cream. It’s simply not possible to better the milk and cream produced here at Briddlesford.” Gioia Minghella.

The Griffin family have been farming Briddlesford since 1923. “We are long-standing fans of Minghella ice cream and Gioi has been a valued customer over the years. Visitors to Briddlesford will not only be able to enjoy our farm experience, but also watch Gioia and her team create their wonderful ice cream which they can try on site or take home to enjoy.” Paul Griffin