Over 230 Flavours to Choose From!

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Our Ice Cream Ranges

All made with fresh milk and cream from our local farms, only the finest natural ingredients and not a single drop of water, our ice creams are suitable for vegetarians and are almost all gluten-free (unless we state otherwise). We split them into three ranges:

 More Fruit Minghella Lid  Lid

The Parlour Range

The Gelateria Range

A La Carte Range

Our Sorbet Ranges

Made with a very high concentration of fruit, some sugar syrup and a touch of pectin, all our sorbets are fat-free, dairyfree, egg-free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Again, in three ranges:

Fruit Sorbets Exclusive Sorbets Cocktail Sorbets

Fruit Sorbets

Exclusive Sorbets

Cocktail Sorbets