Our most decadent ice creams with complex recipes and exotic ingredients for an ultra-stylish frozen confection worthy of the finest menus.


Take a look at some of our flavours below:


Almond, Honey & Brandy

“Great Taste Gold Award”

This combination of almonds with honey and a tot of hearteasing brandy makes a perfect after dinner treat!


“Great Taste Gold Award”

A delicious blend of whisky, cream and raspberries.

American Apple Pie

This ice cream blends apples and pie pieces with cinnamon for an All-American dessert sensation.


A perfect harmony of apricots and Amaretto liqueur.

Arabian Nights

Exotic, seductive and sweetly fragrant, this recipe combines sesame, honey and pistachio nuts.

The Caliph’s Delight

An exotic mix of cinnamon, lemon and pine nuts.

Caprese al Limone

We think this rich and creamy blend of lemons and almonds is the happiest way to end any meal.

Cassata Siciliana

Our traditional Sicilian blend of ricotta cheese and candied fruits is given a frozen twist.

Celebration Orange with Grand Marnier

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Golden orange ice cream enriched with a well-known orange liqueur. Completely irresistible.

Chocolate Brandy Truffle

Sophisticated and indulgent, this wonderful combination of chocolate, brandy and hazelnut truffle is enchanting.

Chocolate Cheesecake

The richness and smoothness of this ice cream is offset by the tanginess of cream cheese.

Chocolate Fudge

Silkily rich and smooth chocolate ice cream with wonderful pieces of chocolate fudge rippled with chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Heaven

A heavenly trio of divine white chocolate, Belgian chocolate and rich chocolate fudge sauce.

Chocolate Nut Brownie

This All-American delight of chocolate ice cream with nuts and brownie pieces is rich and satisfying.

Christmas Pudding

We make this all year round, so you can enjoy all the flavours of Christmas whenever you like.

Coconut Calypso

We adore this combination of rich, creamy coconut ice cream and fragrant, refreshing Mango sorbet.

Cold Mountain

This fabulous dessert ice cream combines white chocolate for snow and crushed red berries for passion.

Cream Florentina

Inspired by a romantic holiday in Florence, we think this perfectly captures the spirit of Florentine desserts.


A sultry blend of sultanas in Pedro Ximinez and caramelised nuts to transport you to the heart of Spain.

Frosted Strawberries & Balsamic Vinegar

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Nothing lifts the flavour of strawberries better than a hint of properly aged, real Balsamic Vinegar from Modena.

Goo Goo Cluster

This is a timeless blend of chocolate and marshmallow with peanuts and chocolate sauce.

Gorgonzola with Apples

A tantalising taste sensation blends a wonderful Gorgonzola with sharp apple purée.

Great Wall of China

Delicate green tea, mint, honey and candied walnuts.

Hazlenut Praline

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Smooth creamy hazelnut ice cream enriched with chopped, praline hazelnuts.

Highland Fling

A fabulous blend of orange marmalade and whisky.

Limoncello di Capri

Close your eyes and imagine you’re in Italy – somewhere on the Amalfi coast, sipping an ice cold lemon liqueur.

Love Potion No. 9

“Great Taste Gold Award”

No guarantees, of course, but raspberries & raspberry liqueur work for us every time.

Macadamia Nut Brittle

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Nutty, nutritious and absolutely delicious, this swirl of creamy Macadamia nuts and ice cream is hard to beat.


Finest Italian toasted almonds ground to a smooth paste. Not at all sweet, try it with chocolate and raspberry dessert

Manhattan Cheesecake

Based on a dessert we enjoyed in NY, this recipe combines lemony cheese ice cream with crushed digestive biscuits.

Mince Pie

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Just traditional mince pies crumbled into our luscious creamy ice cream.

Monkey Business

A naughty blend of banana, vodka, coffee liqueur and Malibu.

Moroccan Rose

Rose, cinnamon, honey and chocolate sauce.

Mutiny on the Bounty

Rum, chocolate and coconut – enough to cause a riot. Or a mutiny.


“Great Taste Gold Award”

Rich, creamy, proper Italian hazelnut ice cream.

Orange with Brandy & Passionfruit

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Originally made for our very own Tornado sailors’ Olympic team. It spurred them on and we find it just as spirit lifting!

Passionfruit & Champagne

Retro it may be, but what a taste!

Peach Brandy

A classic recipe for a grown-up after dinner treat.

Pear, Mascarpone & Pinenuts

“Great Taste Gold Award”

A sublime blend of flavours that recalls northern Italian cuisine in a single scoop.

Pistachio Gelato Tradizionale

With the addition of chopped praline nuts, this is based on our award-winning Pistachio Siciliano.

Plum & Sloe Gin

Made with Isle of Wight sloe gin and plums from our orchard.


Made with caramelised Italian hazelnuts for a nutty, crunchy experience.

Pralines & Cream

We’ve taken some delicious praline pecan nuts, some rather special caramel sauce and some rich hazelnut ice cream.

Raspberry Razamataz

A true razamataz of raspberries and chocolate with chocolate liqueur

Rocky Road

Based on traditional American recipes for ice cream, this is a blend of chocolate and marshmallow.


Inspired by Indian cuisine, this is a blend of cream cheese and chopped nuts with cardamom.

Swiss Chocolate Truffle

A creamy blend of chocolate, rum and hazelnuts.

Christmas Pudding

We make this all year round, so you can enjoy all the flavours of Christmas whenever you like.

Time For Bed

Champagne and ginseng: what else? And no need for a doctor’s prescription!

Too Good To Be True

An anti-oxidant delight – cocoa bean rich chocolate combined with vitamin rich pomegranate. It works and it tastes fabulous.

Traditional Tirimisu

We’ve added sponge cake pieces to create a more authentic version of the Italian pudding.

The Ultimate Chocolate

Our richest, darkest, headiest chocolate ice cream!

Vanilla, Fig & Caramel

“Great Taste Gold Award”

This heady blend of flavours results in a memorable ice cream that marries especially well with tart fruits.

Wild Strawberry

Only available at certain times of the year, this is made with the tiny wild forest strawberries.


Egg yolks and marsala wine for a traditional Italian recipe – without all the last minute whisking and blending.