An adults-only treat with a generous splash of alcohol. This range also includes some fruit sorbets made with more expensive fruits.


Take a look at some of our flavours below:


Apple & Calvados

“Great Taste Gold Award 2007”

The classic blend of green apples and the famous Normandy spirit.

Bellini Classico

Our tribute to the famous Venetian cocktail of Prosecco and peach purée.


This blend of lime and Cachaca has us all dancing in what we think is true Brazilian style.

Caribbean Kiwi Cocktail

Kiwi, rum and lime. We could be in St Lucia.

Champagne Brut

The ultimate celebration sorbet.

Champagne Blush

The palest pretty pink Champagne, this subtle sorbet is both sophisticated and charming.

Chocolate Sorbet

A completely fat and dairy free way to get that chocolate kick. Hooray!

English Cider Sorbet

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Made with English Cox’s apple cider.

Highland Blackberry

Blackberries with scotch whiskey – perfect!


Vodka-based, this famous Italian liqueur takes lemon sorbet to another level of delight.

Mango Vodka Bellini

A modern take on a classic Italian cocktail.


Frozen Tequila and lime.


Rum, lime and mint for a South American indulgence.

Pear & Armgnac

Heady and indulgent blend of flavours. Slightly sweeter than many sorbets.

Pimms No. 1

Perfect for the summer season and will make every day feel like summer.

Plum & Armagnac

A truly perfect marriage of flavour and colour.


Italian sparkling wine.

Roman Summer

August-in-Rome inspired frozen sorbet of creamy, lemony Frascati.


Brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice. Divine.

Super Sorbet

A powerful mix of delicious antioxidant fruits – pomegranate, blueberry and acai fruit. So delicious…

Tropical Fruit Cocktail Sorbet

Mango, passion fruit and lime.