These premium sorbets are ideal for creating the most luxurious cocktails.

Take a look at some of our flavours below:


The favourite tipple of fin de siècle artists. Beware! Might be addictive…

Antonio’s Special Campari

A blend of blood oranges and Campari as a tribute to a wonderful cook, a dear friend.

Bloody Mary Sorbet

Our blend of tomato, vodka and spices makes a surprisingly good sorbet.


Blackcurrrants and Crème de Cassis.

Clementines & Cointreau

“Great Taste Gold Award 2002”

This beautiful sorbet is an essential part of any Minghella Christmas menu.

Gin & Pink Grapefruit

“Great Taste Gold Award”

“Best British Speciality Food 2006”

Designed by Gioia for a special birthday menu, this is her piece de resistance.

Kir Royale

Great Taste Gold Award 2008″

Champagne laced with blackcurrants and Crème de Cassis for the traditional taste of Provence.

Sublime Sapphire

Tangy lime sorbet liberally enhanced with that famous gin in the blue bottle

Petit Fleur

Based on the famous cocktail of white rum, orange liqueur and grapefruit juice.

Poire William

Made with fresh liqueur.

Vans the Man

Absinthe, elderflower, lime and ginger.

Vodka Chilli Chocolate Sorbet

This stunning sorbet will bring a warm glow to your cheeks.