Fresh, clean flavoured sorbets with a high concentration of fruit in a simple sugar syrup resulting in a very pure flavour.


 Take a look at some of our flavours below:


Autumn Blackberry

Rich in colour and taste, this is redolent of the English countryside on a sunny September afternoon.


Delightfully English, this sorbet captures the taste of summer perfectly.

Blood Orange

A wonderful colour and flavour gives this fragrant orange sorbet its special character.

Caribbean Lime

This has a tropical lime tang, making it one of our favourite sorbets on a hot afternoon. So refreshing.

Cherry Ripe

Sweet and juicy. Enjoy!


One for the kids (no matter how grown-up).


Deliciously dry and with a beautiful colour. Essential at Christmas!

Exotic Pineapple

One of the most refreshing sorbets of all.

Firey Ginger

Tastes just like proper ginger beer.

Fruits of the Forest

Intense in flavour and colour.

Green Apple

Fresh and sharp like the finest green apples.


Captures all the colour and aroma of this popular fruit.


Unusual and delicious, perfect after a Thai feast.


Fragrant and exotic, this pale sorbet has a tantalizing and refreshing flavour.

Mango Alphonso

“Great Taste Gold Award 2002”

The finest mangoes in the world give this sorbet a wonderful colour and flavour.

Mediterranean Orange

A deliciously pretty and juicy sorbet.

Mulled Wine

Red wine mulled with cinnamon and cloves.

Passion Fruit

Tangy and delicious, sometimes greenish, sometimes pink / orange depending on the fruits. Tantalising!

Pear William

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Our favourite variety of pear gives this sorbet an unforgettable fragrance and flavour.

Pink Grapefruit

“Great Taste Gold Award”

This goes unbelievably well with poached fruits as a dessert and is also delicious for the classiest summer brunch menu.

Pink Guava

Sweet, exotic and very very pretty, this makes an unusual and intriguing dessert.


Full of taste and vitamins too! Such a lovely way to boost your health.


“Great Taste Gold Award 2003”

All the flavour and colour of the nation’s favourite summer berry.

Sicilian Lemon

The sharp, clean taste of juiced lemons.

Strabwerry Kiss

Pretty to look at and delicious to eat.