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Anthony Minghella memorial plaque

Anthony Minghella and Jude Law Getty imagesThe Minghella family would like to thank Ryde Town Council for installing a plaque in memory of our beloved Anthony on the wall at Ryde Beach.  We are also enormously grateful to dear family friend, and Anthony’s close friend and collaborator, Jude Law, for joining us to unveil the plaque.

Ryde Beach is a beautiful spot for reflection and holds an important place in Anthony's life.  He loved the stark majesty of Ryde Pier and the beach was the setting for his play, A Little Like Drowning.  This was also to be his very first film, which developed while he was still a student, and filmed in Ryde.  The play chronicles the story of his beloved grandmother with whom he spent many hours walking on this beach, while she shared her memories. The family suggested a quotation from the play for the plaque.

We know that Anthony is an important part of the Island's heritage.  He treasured the Island and the Island treasured him; he was particularly honoured to be made the first Freeman of the Isle of Wight.  We are so pleased and touched that there is now this special place dedicated to him in Ryde, where he was born and raised.  We hope Islanders and visitors alike will come here to look out to sea, recall his work - the words, stunning images and music that he left us - and to remember him, as we will, always, with love in our hearts.

Image courtesy of Kevin Winter, Getty Images

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