Our truly irresistible of luxury premium ice creams!



Take a look at some of our flavours below:



Black Cherries Laced with Kirsch

“Great Taste Gold Award”

One of our heritage recipes, that never fails to please.

Brown Bread

An austerity revival of a wartime favourite recipe.

Cloud 9

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Creamy white chocolate with white chocolate pieces.

Cookies Crumble

Italian biscotti biscuits crumbled into rich, creamy ice cream

The Empress’s Peach Pudding

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Based on a Chinese dessert recipe, our frozen confection combines peach purée and crushed raspberries.

Fudgey Sundae

Fudgey pieces and fudge sauce in a swirl of vanilla ice cream.

Mr Minghella’s Famous Vanilla Bean

“Great Taste Gold Award”

With visible specks of vanilla bean, in every other way the same recipe as our original.


Concentrated peach flavours make for a gorgeous ice cream.

Pistachio Siciliano

“Great Taste Gold Award 2002

Smooth and deliciously nutty.

Raspberry Pavolva

Creamy ice cream with a swirl of raspberries, raspberry sauce and pieces of meringue.

Seaspray (Salted Caramel)

A surprisingly good, very slightly salted version of our sticky toffee ice cream.

White Chocolate Dream

“Great Taste Gold Award”

Well, we dream of white chocolate… don’t you?