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Made on the Isle of Wight since 1950


Minghella Ice Cream is one of the Isle of Wight’s most famous names. The artisan brand has travelled widely across the UK, been showcased at national sporting events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and travelled internationally on luxury cruise ships.

Established in 1950 by master gelatiere Edward Minghella and his wife Gloria, Minghella Ice Cream was built on strong family values and an ambition to create Edward’s dream: nothing less than the best ice cream in the world.

In the days when ice cream in this country was only ever eaten in one flavour (plain!), Edward was experimenting with espresso, strawberries, nuts and liqueurs to create wonderful new flavours. In the early years of the business, the only place people were able to buy Minghella ice cream was from one of the vans in our small fleet.

Since 2017, the authentic, award winning, Italian ice cream has been manufactured in Newport. With a new era of management, a complete review of all products and business practices took place and Minghella now proudly supplies some of the Island’s high-profile establishments such as Carisbrooke Castle, The Old Smithy and Osborne House.


Minghella is proud of its revamped branding and its strong Island links. Using only Isle of Wight milk and cream, supporting the Isle of Wight dairy industry and keeping food miles as low as possible.

Much of our rolling countryside is in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, for cows to graze. However, there are now dairy herds than ever and without the need for the grassy fields for grazing livestock, the land is utilised for other cropping, changing our landscape forever.

Buying Minghella ice cream means you are supporting the cows and our beautiful countryside as well as our local communities.


From the very start of the business, there has been an emphasis on balancing nutrition with luxurious quality. Edward had always had a passion for diet and health and used no artificial flavours or colourings. He strived to create stunningly flavoured desserts that are as healthy as they are delicious.

We refuse to use anything other than unrefined sugar in the belief that the less done to the ingredients, the purer the result. Edward has created all our ice creams on the philosophy that unless you put the best things in, you can’t expect to get the best out!


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